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30 September 2022

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First Name : Tetreault55
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yuan Yingquan could hardly contain his anger. Pointing at Wei Shi, he gnashed his teeth and scolded, "You are a useless thing. Is it reasonable for you to be robbed?"? What's the use of you to eat dry rice? Say, fly a foot to kick heavily on Wei Shi body, Wei Shi stuffy hum, also dare not resist. Hug the rich brocade tightly and dare not speak out any more. yuan Yingquan's brain turned black, took a look at Wei Shi and yuan Jinxiu, who were sitting on the ground and shivering in their arms, turned around and left the room. Before leaving, they kicked heavily on the door. The sound seemed to be kicking in yuan Jinxiu's heart. yuan Jinxu was frightened and shivered again. After yuan Yingquan left, yuan Jinxiu dared to cry out, "Niang, I can't stand it, how can a father beat his daughter like this?"? Does he still think I'm his daughter? Wei Shi also cried with tears and snot in a mess. Daughter, your father is such a person, why don't you understand? yuan Jinxiu sobbed and said, "But he never hit that little bitch Jinqing. On the contrary, Jinqing talked back to him every day." Wei Shi took out her veil and wiped yuan Jinxiu's face. Jinqing that is her own ability, do not rely on him to eat, do not rely on him to drink, and the prince children do backing,uns s32750 sheet, your father fawned on her too late, how dare to beat her? Your father wants to kill Jinqing, but now the marriage certificate has been robbed by Jinqing. Don't kill him, your father will have to burn incense! After yuan Yingquan went out, he took two stewards and went straight to Plum Blossom Lane in the west of the city. He clapped the door of Xu Bin's house loudly. Xu Bin opened the door angrily. Seeing that yuan Yingquan was not good, he was so angry that he wanted to punch him in the face. What are you doing here? Xu Bin hugged his chest and said coldly. Holding back his anger, yuan Yingquan shouted, "I've come to see my daughter. Tell Jinqing to come out and see me. I have something to say to her." Xu Bin sneered,347 stainless steel, "did you come to me to find Jinqing?"? I also want to ask you for someone! Today Jinqing said she would go to your house to look for you, but she hasn't come back yet. Where did you get Jinqing? yuan Yingquan froze, immediately reacted to come over, this boor must be deceiving him, Jinqing must be in the Xu family, "what are you talking nonsense?"? Hurry up and call out Jinqing's dead girl, or. yuan Yingquan's eyes narrowed. Or what? Xu Bin had a good time. "Don't you think it's strange, Lord yuan?"? Your daughter is missing. Why did you come to me to ask for help? Doesn't your daughter live with you? yuan Yingquan was so angry that he blushed and shouted, "Will you hand it in or not?"? If you don't hand it in, we'll see the officer. I'll sue you for abducting the officer's young lady! "Jinqing isn't here," said Xu Bin coldly. "I've been looking for her on the street for most of the day, but I haven't seen anyone. It looks to me like you locked her up and came to me to cry" stop thief! "! See an official, see an official, see who has no face in the end! Looking at Xu Bin's appearance, it seemed that Jinqing was really not here. yuan Yingquan beat a retreat in his heart. However, uns c68700 ,x56 line pipe, he did not give up. When the marriage certificate was not needed, it was a piece of waste cloth. When it was useful, it was a sharp weapon to his death. If he could not find Jinqing, he was like walking on the edge of a cliff. He did not know when Jinqing would jump out and push him off the cliff. Thinking of this, yuan Yingquan decided to throw caution to the wind. He wanted to go in and check whether Jinqing was there or not. Xu Bin became angry and held the door. He said proudly, "Lord yuan, there are women living in my house. It's inconvenient at night. Please go back." yuan Yingquan where willing to return without success, even if Jinqing is really not here, he also want to see after peace of mind, if Jinqing is here, must take back to search out the marriage certificate, and then a good beat this dead girl! The two stewards behind yuan Yingquan hurriedly came up and pushed Xu Bin into the yard, trying to take advantage of the chaos to let yuan Yingquan break in. Xu Bin and so on is this time, see them start first, iron arm-like arm one hand clamped a steward's neck, is facing yuan Yingquan, a foot mercilessly kicked yuan Yingquan chest in the past. yuan Yingquan was just a scholar. The heaviest work he did in his life was to turn over books and take pens. Where was Xu Bin's opponent? He was immediately kicked out of the door by Xu Bin. He covered his chest and cried out in pain. He pointed at Xu Bin and gnashed his teeth, shouting to sue him for beating the court officials. Xu Bin was very happy to see him with a file. He wanted to beat yuan Yingquan, a bastard with a human face and a beast heart. The remaining two stewards, Xu Bin, kicked out of the gate one by one. He turned around and picked up the carrying pole standing in the yard. He followed him out with a malicious smile and closed the gate of the yard. Lying on the ground, yuan Yingquan looked at Xu Bin's smile and felt a chill in his heart. He pointed at Xu Bin and shouted shakily, "What do you want to do?"? I warn you that I am an official of the court. I can forgive you for kicking me just now. I won't let you go if you dare to hit me again! Xu Bin raised his chin and said with a grim smile, "Let's see who can't let go of who!" Said, a shoulder pole dance tigerish wind, yuan Yingquan holding his head rolling on the ground, shoulder pole like rain fell on him, he has never been beaten in his life! yuan's two stewards scared to death, did not expect to meet a horizontal, even the court officials are not in the eye, hurriedly a block of Xu Bin's carrying pole, a yuan Yingquan dragged up from the ground, ran away. When Xu Bin saw people running away, he did not go to catch up with them. He stood at the gate with a shoulder pole, sneering at the back of the three people who had fled, and he still had the face to ask for people? It's too light to beat him. After yuan Yingquan returned home, Wei Shi was beaten by him and hid in the room, not daring to see people. Aunt Qin hurriedly came out to show off at this meeting. Seeing yuan Yingquan's black and blue appearance, she shouted loudly. She gave yuan Yingquan medicine massage with a distressed face, and cursed Jinqing, the little bitch who made trouble. yuan Yingquan said a few words in the heart is furious, recalled just by a reckless army Han hit the head of the rat scurrying, an old face rose into purple, a night of tossing and turning, the body was beaten all over the swelling and pain can not sleep is one of the reasons, mainly he is worried about the marriage certificate. If Jinqing grabbed the marriage certificate and saw him later, he would be relieved to ask him what conditions,x70 line pipe, but the dead girl grabbed the marriage certificate and hid, maybe brewing some tricks, so that he could not sleep all night. lksteelpipe.com

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